Popcorn Farts

Seems like an awkward way to meet someone, doesn't it?  Over a fart.

After the awesome show I went to last night, which I will tell you all about later, I went to an awesome party featuring bands, ponies, and a pie-eating contest.  Yes, I said ponies.  There were two of them.

Anyway I was watching one of the bands play some rockabilly in the living room, when someone let it rip, something fierce. And there were enough people to blame it on, but I made eye contact with the guy standing next to me and I said, "Someone's just making popcorn."  He laughed and blamed me and then walked away.  Later I saw him outside and the blame continued.

I honestly thought someone had made popcorn, but the culprit later admitted it to me when he let one go again.  How much popcorn does one man have to eat to make it stink like that?!

Drew and I hit it off but I guess he could never get past the thought that my farts could smell so bad, I later saw him hitting on another lady, whose farts probably smell like roses.

Speaking of bodily functions, it's amazing to me how much people sweat on stage.  But when you're rocking out like Billy McCarthy does, it's okay.  And you're Billy McCarthy, so again, it's okay.

I went to see We Are Augustines at the Corona last night, and although I got there a few minutes late, I bumped myself up front just a few feet away from the handsome singer.  Did I mention how good-looking he is?  PS-Go listen to their music.  They're going to be huge.

It's so inspiring to watch someone perform like it's the greatest gift they have ever received.  Like they know how blessed they are and how lucky they are to be doing what they're doing... It's awesome.  I've seen plenty of bands who fake it.  But this band owns it.  They're grateful and down-to-earth.  After their performance they hung out by the bar while Band of Skulls took the stage.

"This is my chance," I thought.  Their drummer walked by me and smiled.  Later we crossed paths again and he said hello.  Okay, I'm star-struck.  I can't help it.  I love this band.

And then, like a magical gift from God, I felt Billy McCarthy's presence directly to my left.  There he was, as if he wanted to say hello.  haha.  My whole body heated up and my heart started beating like a punk rock drum kit.  I did the fake looking past him as he glanced over and then I made my move.

"Great show."  "Oh thanks, thanks, I'm Billy, what's your name?" And he reached out and shook my hand.  "Katie."  And then I asked him about his ripped shirt.  He laughed and blamed it on his size and then I laughed and blamed it on his muscles.  HA.  I asked him about their tour and it was a blissful five minute conversation.  Eventually he returned to his bandmates, but I thought, "Damn.... My life is complete."

So many times I have chickened out on great opportunities out of insecurity and doubt.  But if I can approach the singer of an awesome band that I love and not sound like total basketcase, I think I'll be alright.  Even if we happen to meet over a fart.

We Are Augustines,



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