100 Days of Writing - 56

I've almost finished my first spec script.  It sucks, and I'm not afraid to admit it.  But! The experience of writing a synopsis, then an outline, and then the script, has been super helpful.  It's so much easier to follow than to do what I've done in the past, which is to just wing it.

It's too short, and the monologuist in me has written too many scenes that don't involve other people.  How do you convey a story when a character is alone?  I'm all about the inner thinking, but that's not TV.  I'll have to go back and beef up the scenes to flesh out the dialogue more.  I suppose it's a skeleton script for now, and that's A OKAY. 

Things have gotten so crazy I've barely made time to write.  I've gone out a few times with the old journal, but I still want to get to 100 posts this year on this thing.  I'm happy to be just over halfway there.

I've secured an internship in development which will allow for a lot more reading of sc…

100 Days of Writing - 55

Opportunity, as a concept.  Filled with possibilities, stories and missed connections.   
I had a GREAT. FUCKING. DAY. today.  I specify the caps and f-bomb because it's been a rare occurrence to feel so connected to destiny like I did today.  Having been so school/work focused for the last several months has been good for me, to get shit done, but it's also exhausting.  
The semester is coming to an end though, and we're gearing up for our internships and today it just so happened that I got to dance with the greats.
I volunteered to be a jury member for the Independent Producer's Webseries Fund and we met this morning to go over some projects.  It felt great to give honest feedback and to feel like it counted.  That it was heard and possibly even helpful.  
After a lovely lunch with a few of my classmates, I headed over to CBC for an internship interview that went fairly well, considering applicants had about 10 minutes each.  Each of my colleagues I spoke to afterwa…

100 Days of Writing - 54

It's weird to age.  It's weird to look back at the last 20 years of my life and think about all the ways in which I've transformed, shifted, changed, etc.  Lots of highs, lots of lows, all adding up to me now at this age.

It's also weird to think about all the things that have happened that helped to guide me, even though I had no control over them.  Circumstances, job experience, people I've met, all these pings have nudged me a little or a lot, and have influenced the things I do have control over.  I suppose some people call this fate.

It's weird to think about how my opinions have changed too.  Spending more time investigating and learning to feel equipped to make intelligent sense of things.  But also my life experiences have allowed for a shift to take place in my thinking.

I guess some people would call that maturity.

Sometimes I miss the days of being inspired by highlighters and starfruit, but I think those moments contributed to the moments I now get …

100 Days of Writing - 53

A year ago I never would have thought I'd be sitting where I am right now.  Okay maybe writing in bed at night on a Wednesday isn't that big a stretch, but the knowledge I'm filled with is. 

I feel so much more equipped, with so much more focus, and a greater understanding of the industry that I want to be a part of.  I have pitch packages, a business plan, a webseries, a picture book and 3 chapters of a novel and I can hardly believe it.  It feels pretty freaking great.

We're approaching the internship portion of the program, and it is still unknown to me where I will be in a few weeks time, taking everything I've learned and applying it in the real world.  I'm so excited to get out there, but I know I'll miss these late nights finishing up homework to deliver to my lovely teachers. 

Ya'll, my heart is filled with gratitude and warmth tonight, I'm proud that I made the sacrifice to go back to school and do this crazy thing because it has opened me …

100 Days of Writing - 52

I changed my bedsheets today.  That's a win.

Did some polishing on a pitch document tonight, feeling pretty good about it.

I started this thing with a lack of a spark and here I am 50 days later with 2 shows that I'm stoked to start pitching.  I think it's been about honouring the inner voice and going after things that, like Marie Kondo would say, "Spark Joy."

I've been dealing with jealous feelings towards my classmates who came into the program with passion projects or clear stories they wanted to work on and develop.  Jealousy is ugly, and I don't do well when it's around.

But now, after putting some work into my ideas, and fleshing them out, I feel really good about them!  And they currently live in this safe space, my brain, and soon they will have eyes on them and I will have to manage the feelings I have towards them then.

I think though, the fact that I've developed them this far, and I have an actual pitch for them, they feel like they a…

100 Days of Writing - 51

Write what you know.

Why am I the right person to tell the story?

What do your characters want?

These questions, and more, haunt me.

Here's what I know:

I know what it is to love something that, at any moment, could break your heart.
I know what it's like to be a role model in a kid's eyes, and I know how to make life fun for them.
I know that consensus is hard and awkward, but worth striving for.
I know how to make people laugh, and not always at my expense.
I know how to help others think profoundly, if even just for a brief time.
I know how to step into the unknown and what it's like to see yourself on the other side.
I know that vulnerability is a bitch, but can stick up for you when you need it most.
I know anxiety.
I know depression.
I know that idealized romance is so much more fun that dating.
I know how to keep at least 5 plants alive for more than a year.
I know how to be a project manager.
I know that following your dreams can lead you to different places th…

100 Days of Writing - 50

I'm working on a pitch document for a teen gameshow.  And this is my 50th blog post this year.  Both those things make me feel real happy.

I can definitely vouch that practice makes.. gooder. 

I've enjoyed this process and this self-induced challenge, and I hope to continue towards the goal. 

I'm going to take a prompt tonight because I'm tempted to write about fluff.

"Does your name have a meaning?"

Well, I'll tell you what it's been like to grow up and be a woman with the name Katie.  I like my name, I do, and for a while I considered changing it to Kat among my high school peers because it felt more genuine than the little-girly Katie that I am.  I signed my journals with xKatx for a long time during my straight edge years, and I'm pretty sure I even had a pre-Facebook Facebookesque page by that name.

My parents were going to name me Kristen, actually.  Adam if I turned out to be a boy, but Katie came along after I was born because I was quite …